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regresar el senador republicano john mccain habla de la propuesta de control de armas. >>> y pasaremos revisión a los momentos más emotivos de la jornada, ya regresamos ♪. >>> el senador republicano john mccain dijo que estaba dispuesto a presentar y apoyar la propuesta bipartidista para el control de armas, también se defendió la medida que será presentada a votación. >>> las autoridades de texas dicen que han encontrado pruebas muy fuertes que por más de 6 hrs los investigadores inspeccionaron un almacen donde se incautó un vehículo que presuntamente fue usado para el asesinato del fiscal y su esposa. >>> al del adolescente trayvon martin fue despedido, el sargento estaba en ua práctica de tiro cuando sacó los blancos con la imagen del adolescente asesinado por george zimmerman >>> y ahora pasamos a lo que está sucediendo en los deportes alrededor del mundo. >>> muchísimas gracias, hemos vivido otra jornada emocionante del fútbol mexicano, 5 victorias de local, 2 de visitante, 2 empates, adelante con el resumen. >>> en el omnilife, las chivas ante el atlante con la im
presidente barack obama . >>> el senador john mccain en una apasricion en televisiÓn nacional se mostro favoranle a l control de venta de armas y dijo que el debate podian comenzar el miercoles. >>> john kerruy llego a japon en la ultima escala de su gira en asuia se reunio con el pirmer ministrod e japon. >>> mañana es el ultimo día para el income tax o la extension pero si no lo ha hecho tendremos que entendernios con el tio sam. >>> unos 97 milloensd e los 200 millones de contribuyentes los presentaron, quedan pocas horas para hacerlo sin multa. >>> los que no lo presentan el 15 de abril, si les tioca pagar lo haran connrecargos, si tienen reembolso no lor ecibirar . >>> la señora guiadalupe espero hasta el ultimo momento por fuerza mayor. >>> estaba trabajando peor se que es necesario. >>> de acuerdo a la experiencia de este preparador la mayoria lo hace por temor a pagarl el porcentaje es muy alto, las multas son altas opor el baalnce que se le debe. >>> que se puede hacer?. >>> pedir una prorroga con la 4868 se tiene que mandar el día 15 de abril para que no pague mul
presentar el plan al presidente obama hoy charles s. y john mccain se mostraron optimistas. >>> el respaldo es necesario a la propuesta que es compromiso de todos, que incluye a robert menendez que ayudÓ a redactarlo. >>> es la mejor ley que hemos podido escribir donde podemos conseguir los votos bipartidistas. aquellos que vivan para el 31 de diciembre del 2011 van a recibir un estatus provisional que durarÍa diez aÑos y ayudaria para viajar al exterior, condiciones del permiso provisional en pantalla. >>> solo asÍ despuÉs de una dÉcada podrÍan solicitar la residencia permanente despuÉs de pagar una multa de mil dÓlares. >>> tratando de remediar el dolor causado por las deportaciones el plan permitirÍa que las personas sin rÉcord criminal que tengan un hijo o cÓnyuge ciudadano estadounidense podrÍan solicitar al pais. >>> es algo importante, a final de cuentas es algo que estÁ en nuestro mejor interÉs econÓmico y social como paÍs. >>> 4,5 mil millones de dÓlares para la seguridad fronteriza. en las zonas de alto riesgo 90% de las personas que intentan cruzar se de tendrÍ
can do this. i thought john mccain on finance campaign reform twice. he made loopholes and this and that. at the end of the day, he had a situation today where a super pac comes along. the average member, they take their staffer and go across the street. they get on the telephone. and they do that. they are victims of this system. many members of congress find it delightful to raise this money. a lot of good men. but that comes to the conclusions that jack and i -- we didn't change anything. it did not change things. i put that conclusion there. to paraphrase it, i had a substance addiction. today there is another addiction and it is campaign contributions and they need a public intervention on that. to help make this even better. i addressed a lot of issues and i think that it is not just one issue. i get to go to india, i get to do radio. a lot of great people like tom hartman to the right or the left or the middle -- they get their voice out there. it is important. and also very critical. i am happy and i am not a person that is unhappy. there are some things that i
of thing that john mccain called [indiscernible] threatening to send off a nuclear missile. we don't know exactly what the capability is. they are causing a lot of problem's. that there is not really good reason why. >> a lot of people were thinking that the possibility of something might happen within the next 24 hours because it is the birthday -- the anniversary of the birthday of kim jong un's grandfather. and they like to do things like that. we definitely know that there topic this week on capitol hill when it comes to the gun debate. >> it could be at -- a vote could be as early as tuesday for handguns on background checks and extending the rules so that they will cover online sales, differing gun shows, closing the gun show loophole. tricks say that it is a watered- down bill to the police won't nor the records immediately at their disposal. they would have to go to a dealer to get them. at the same time, this might be the deal that could actually get through. >> i was on capitol hill when many of the families of the newtown bee comes with air. they were visiting -- newtown victim
, john mccain say that will likely vote for it. jesse jackson made a rare public appearance this weekend, his first since he resigned in november. he appeared at an event for his father's rainbow coalition. he did not speak at the event. jackson is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to misusing campaign funds. he was away from washington for much of year and under went treatment for bipolar discord. >> former president george w. bush made the announcement that his daughter gave birth to a baby girl last night in new york city. the maybe's name is margaret laura. mr. bush says that both mom and baby are healthy and the family can't be happier. a lot of people let their feet do the talking today. the cause behind this run in the district today. >> and is it for three or a giant ego. the comment that he landed justin bieber in hot water tonight. >> drivers everywhere taking notice. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00:30 on your side. >> not sure if it is reason to rejoice but drivers across the area are a little happier these days. >> gas prices are continuing to drop making for a
for the measure. pat toomey who put it together with joe manchin. john mccain heroically here. mark kirk of illinois. and another moderate republican, susan collins of maine. now, on the democratic sides, those votes no were no surprises here. mark bagitch of rural alaska. mark pryor of another red state. majority leader harry reid voted no. that's procedural so he can vote to reverse the vote. it's a senate technique. president obama will be making remarks in the rose garden right there at 5:30 eastern, a few minutes from now. casey hunt and howard fineman. casey, you and i have been -- you've been helping me on the phone the last couple of days. it looks to me a pretty dreary result in that it looked like it was moving up before the horror in boston a week or two. i'm not sure, did it ever look to you like it was going to reach 60 and then fell back? or was it never really close enough to 60 to make it? >> the point at which we -- the mood up here said that it could reach 60 was really that vote that they held to start debate on the gun bill. that got more republican votes than folks u
from arizona. you've got john mccain who his senior aide said he is confident mccain's vote will be a yes. and we're still waiting on jeff flake. as he close personal friend of gabby giffords. they represent a state that went through the trauma of tucson. so they come at this with both the personal experience that their state has gone through and the red state experience. so they will be important to watch as this unfolds. >> i'm curious, kelly. what kind of behind the scenes details can you give us regarding the reaction to the mother of one of the children whose life was taken down in that massacre, giving the president's weekend address? >> well, i have been very struck by of all the kinds of individuals who have deeply personal cause who's come to the senate or come to capitol hill to try to make their voices heard, and on different subjects it happens quite often. the senators i talk to really expressed a deep sense of connection to the families. a sense of wanting to do something in addition to listening to then, but those who, especially democrats, want to take action
? >> john mccain himself was for an expansion of background checks closing each gun show loopholes. >> if of one to give charles a gun and of charles wanted to give me a gun and give each other guns, that would be -- >> it would be healthier that way because we would have deterrence. saying, giveys are each other guns. but you have to find a third part -- third party. only family can pass down guns. >> what else is in the legislation as proposed now >> -- proposed now? toomey arechin and trying to get past is this very big elephant in the room, which is the national registry. >> there is the ban on assault weapons and large magazines. harry reid said almost immediately he would not support the ban on assault weapons because there was not enough support for it. the ban omagazines would fail, too, and it is certainly true that most people do not get killed by a large magazine. but when you look of these massacres, that is what allows them to sort of mode down large numbers of people. >> joe biden argues that if you only have a 10-round -- if he only had a 10-round magazine, in the ti
proposals is simply to coast a culprit john mccain is in favorably -- don king is terribly disposed to the proposal. disposed toin is the proposal. congress is gearing up to join of the fight over immigration from former -- immigration reform. the gang of eight have included a path of citizenship. abc has that story. >> immigration reform is about to set the stage in washington. >> we are ready. and so the question is are they ready. >> after months of negotiation a bipartisan group of senators is set to unveil their plan to overhaul the nation's immigration laws. marker rubio has been slow to support a bipartisan agreement. on sunday he pitched a proposal on seven television shows. in addition to tightening border security he will provide immigrants with an 18 year path to citizenship. it requires undocumented workers to pay thousands of dollars in fines before they can earn legal status or apply for temporary work permits. senator rubio insists the plan will not gradually grant amnesty. it will be cheaper if they go back home, we to 10 years and apply for a green card. it doesn't
pressure from inside their party as well. over the weekend senator john mccain criticized republicans proposing the filibuster. after the vote today harry reid praised mccain for his help. >> i so appreciate the members on the other side of the aisle especially john mccain, who on a sunday show said, i don't think there should be a filibuster on this. john mccain is a leader, has been a leader in this country for 31 years. people respect his opinion and i'm grateful to all republicans who joined with us to allow the debate to go forward. >> michael: the republicans who didn't join with the democrats though are digging in their heels. senator john cornyn of texas said i don't thinker gun laws would not have helped the newtown, and that republicans are committed to helping them. even though they don't want to bring the bill to a vote. >> the president has told some of these victims' families that this side of the aisle doesn't really care about their loss. that's not true. that's false. the president is wrong. >> michael: well senator the american public seems to think differently than
of the aisle. especially john mccain. on a sunday show said i don't think there should be a filibuster on this. john mccain has been a leader in this country for 31 years. people respect his opinion, and i am grateful to all republicans who joined with us to allow this debate to go before us. now the hard work starts now. host: majority leader harry reid hears this, a bipartisan breeze begins to waft through congress. ed o'keefe, what's going on? guest: well, it's only one week in the history of kong. i think having talked to a lot of senators about this. they look, if this is how things are going to work, if they are going to be -- there are going to be thoughtful, extensive talks on these issues and if it continues on to immigration and budgetary concerns then i have no reason not to vote for at least a formal debate of the issues. that's what the senate is supposed to be and that's what they said. i'm here to debate on the issues of the day and vote on it after it's been debated. that's something that hasn't happened in recent years and that cuts across geography rather than ideology. i thi
? arizona senator john mccain gives us his take. and what next conciliation, negotiation or retaliation? we will ask our experts. joe manchin of west virginia, democrat, republican pat toomey of pennsylvania on the deal that nobody loves but enough people might embrace and one promising new face is all in. florida's marco rubio on whether he can coax fellow conservatives in to supporting immigration reform. i'm candy crowley. and this is state of union. secretary kerry met with japanese leaders and urged north korea to bring their nuclear rhetoric to a peaceful end. >> hopefully north korea will hear our words and recognize that for the future of its people and for the future stability in the region as well as on the peninsula itself there is a clear course of action that they are invited to take. >> joining me now arizona senator john mccain. senator, when you put this in context of the history of north korea with the grandfather kim jong-un, with the father of kim jong-un, can you tell me whether this is more serious, less serious? i mean, how do we view this? >> i think it's probably mor
? arizona senator john mccain gives us his take. and a compromise on background checks for gun sales means nobody's happy. >> not necessarily as strong as many of us might have preferred. >> the government should not punish or harass law apieding citizens in the exercise of their second amendment rights. >> democrat joe manchin of west virginia, republican pat toomey on the deal nobody loves but might embrace. and one of the republicans' promising faces is all in, marco rubio on whether he can coax into supporting immigration reform. and the politics of tragedy, a 2016 republican reaching out beyond the party base and the president's budget, does he want a grand compromise or a big midterm campaign issue all with our political panel. i'm candy crowley and this is "state of the union." >>> secretary john kerry made a final stop in asia today meeting with japanese leaders and urging north korea to bring their nuclear rhetoric to a peaceful end. >> hopefully north korea will hear our words and recognize that for the future of its people and for the future stability in the region as well as on
was running against senator john mccain. >> john mccain's campaign has gone further suggest that the best answer for the growing pressures on social security might be to cut -- might be the cost of living adjustments or raise the retirement age. let me be clear, i will not do either. >> all right. well, obviously he's changed. is the president right? this is obviously gotten a lot of people upset in his base. he said he's meeting the republicans more than halfway. you sort of roll your ideas. >> i wouldn't say he's meeting us more than halfway. we never proposed it. >> but it's a general in the budget. is there anything else in the budget where you see a gesture to you to talk? >> we cut $5 trillion in spending. he raises $1 trillion in spending and raises a trillion-one in taxes. how do you see it meeting us halfway? >> so it's dead on arrival? >> we say take $5 trillion out of spend to go balance the budget and reform the tax system. get rid of the loopholes and grow the economy. he says don't do that, but raise taxes $1.1 trillion and raise spending is $11 trillion. how is that meeting
the bill was supposeded to unveil it today. john mccain is a part of that group. he tweeted last night that tonight's news conference could happen tomorrow instead. stay with us right here on news four today. coming up in 30 minutes tony tull will join us in boston. let's go to the live desk. >> reporter: u.s. helicopter crashes near north korea. et was taking part in a u.s. flight training drill. 21 people were on pord including 16 marines. but in stable condition. right now an investigation into what caused this crash is underway. news4. >> a tribute six years later. this morning how loved ones are remembering the victims of the virginia tech massacre. >> on monday, tom and danella are back with weather on the one's. watch your wallet. 4:38 is your time now we will be [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> the victims at the terror in boston. we will try to take that graphic at the bottom of your screen. you are looking at the flags flying at half-staff out of respect for those killed in boston. he ordered the
for expanded background checks in gun sales. john mccain a leading gop conservative says he wants to know more about background checks for internet gun transactions but giving their plan a preliminary thumbs up. >> i've got to give them credit and i want to look at it but i'm very favorably disposed. >> reporter: still there is some conservative push back. jeff sessions told abc he doesn't think the deal will pass and complaints that current gun laws are not adequately enforced. republican mike lee can't get behind it either. >> this bill i believe would do more to limit the laws. >> this is about if it's legal to make it easier for people who are already not supposed to be weapons to own them. >> reporter: whether or not it has enough conservative votes to pass remains a question. >>> we have an update on a story we brought you yesterday about a gun buy back program in san mateo county. jackie spear called the buy back a success. 250 firearms were collected at the courthouse yesterday. in all organizers paid about $23,000 to recover the guns. one hundred dollars for handguns, rivals and shot
republicano john mccain de arizona, informo hoy que la presentacion del paquete de reforma migratoria prevista para manana martes podria postergarse.. ---sin embargo, el legislador agrego que el retraso seria solamente de un dia, ya que planean presentarla el miercoles en el pleno del senado... topfs cesar ---por supuesto aqui en noticiero telemundo 48 en nuestras emisiones de las 6 y 11, le mantendremos informado sobre esta tragedia nacional y como afectara a los habitantes del area de la bahia.... mantengase en sintonia... blanca ---mientras que aqui en el ambito local, la policia busca a un conductor que anoche atropello a un agente y se dio a la fuga. take map ---los hechos ocurrieron en una de las calles aledaÑas al "hp pavilion" justo despues de que acabara el concierto de despedida de vicente fernandez. take vo ---segun el informe, el agente estaba a cargo de dirigir el trafico generado por los asistentes al concierto cuando fue impactado por un auto de color negro de 4 puertas, posiblemente de la marca "acura". ---el policia fue internado por las lesiones leves que sufrio. cesar ---en
the podium over to ted's longtime partnern this issue, a man who has become a great personal john mccain.ne, you, chuck, and thank all of you, and i want to obviously express my deep appreciation to all of my seven colleagues. it is well known in the senate that i am not the easiest guy to get along with. but i must say they put up with my tantrums and they put up with a lot, and i want to say thank you to all of you for really doing something that america deserves. to paraphrase churchill, this is not the end of the process, but the end of the beginning. there is a long and difficult road ahead. committee hearings, markham, open amendments will be offered. some will be intended to improve it, some will be offered in hope of killing it. none of us expect the bill to be identical with the one we introduced today, but we are all united in our determination that is the end of the remains a fair, comprehensive, and practical solution to a difficult problem that most americans can support and that stands a good chance of passing the house and being signed into that legislation is not perfect.
for them to get a gun. >> i cannot support it. >> john mccain believes more should be done, but the senate bill is a good start. >> i have to give them credit and i am favorably disposed. >> gabrielle giffords is expected to be on capitol hill this week to lobby for more gun control. she was shot during an event in tucson. >> what about the immigration reform? willgroup of senators reveal it tomorrow. americans will have to pass a background check and pay fines for a permit to allow them to work and travel. supporters of the bill say it doesn't give amnesty. .hat is why critics are worried they argue for border security to be a higher priority. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> the rise and make some changes to its upgrade contracts is making some changes to its upgrade contracts. the change matches the upgrade time with the lanes of a typical phone contract. outfits are0,000 being recalled because of a zipper. they are sold under just one you. the super friends from the foot foote zipper runs from the all the way to the neck. how about some free food and discounts for some tax relief? jane
for them to get a gun. >> i cannot support it. >> john mccain believes more should be done but the senate bill is a good start. creditve to give them and nine favorably disposed. >> gabrielle giffords is expected to be on capitol hill this week to lobby for more gun control. certainbout a ban on assault-style weapons? >> there will be a roll call vote this week. it is not expected to pass. harry reid wants to allow this to follow through to get senators to vote on an assault weapons ban. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> 5:27. by ao teenagers are hit driver who sped off at the scene. >> we have some light rain this morning. the forecast is better for the rest of the week. >> we will check on >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. good morning. welcome back to 11 news today. i am stan stovall. >> i am jennifer franciotti. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. recovering-old is after being shot -- a 16-year-o ld is recovering after being shot. proposal tonight that would allow anyone older than 18 to carry a device for self-defense. o
buyers. sponsors of the bill say the votes is to closeo to call. arizona republican john mccain says that a lot more needs to be done in the area of mental health. only three republican senators right now are expected to vote for the compromise bill. says thearco rubio proposed immigration bill will not offer amnesty proposed who entered the country illegally. the florida republican says there will be consequences of having violated the law. the bill will be introduced this week. it would require people to pass a background check, pay fines, and application fees to receive a permit. after 10 years, they would be able to apply for legal immigration status and an eventual path to citizenship. >> rick santorum is in the hospital. a spokesperson for the former pennsylvania senator said that he became ill while traveling on saturday in santa carolina and was admitted to the hospital for dehydration and a gastrointestinal illness,. he is said to be feeling much better, but he had to cancel a speech he was scheduled the gipper in iowa. is expected to resume a full schedule later this week.
for a vote in the senate possibly wednesday. here's what senator john mccain is saying today. >> first of all i would like to thank pat and joe for their work together. we need to do a lot more of that. i'm very favorably disposed towards that. i want to give it credit, but i'm favorably disposed. >> favorly d >> favorably disposed, does that sound like enforcement to you. >> it means it's going to pass. joe manchin is also a conservative democratic senator, you've got john mccain, jeff flake who also voted from gabby giffords home state of arizona. it's pretty clear that this thing is rolling down the track. the question is, is there enough momentum once it gets out of the senate that the house takies it up and passes it. >> what you're hearing about the prospects of the the manchin-toomey bill. >> with people like jeff flake and john mccain on board, we're seeing good signs for the bill for the wednesday volt and i think that's a good thing. in the house john boehner has not agreed to hold a vote on this measure. >> specifically here immigration, what is his goal by going on this interview
legislation. also senators john mccain and chuck schumer join the conversation and the latest details on the breaking story out of texas where a factory explosion devastating has killed as many as 15 people. several firefighters still missing. more than 160 people injured and they are still looking for more victims. homes have been completely flattened in this blast. let's go straight to bill karins with an update on the weather which is impacting the situation even more there. >> it's going to be tough to get any media in this tiny texas town. i'll show you a map of this west texas town in the fertilizer plant specifically. i was just amazed. it's a tiny town. this is the fertilizer plant on the east side of town and literally has three tanks. this is where the main explosion was. very close to this this is a middle school right across the street. this building here is west haven rest home. west haven nursing home and a little community hospital. we are hearing most of the devastation up to the homes in this vicinity. a map that shows you this little tiny town and the destruction tha
be rushed. several senators including republican senator john mccain said immigration reform only will work if the border is secured. >> no one believes apprehensions are the answer then what is the answer? in order for congress to make a judgment? >> and this immigration reform bill affect skpekted to be unveiled tomorrow, then off to committee hearings. we don't know when that will be. marchers maitd their way to the federal building but this is where senator feinstein's offices are. she's been instrumental in these negotiations. this has to be the windiest place in san francisco. >> thank you very much n washington, d.c. hundreds of people marched for immigration reform including about 50 students from uc berkeley. they join students to help pressure congress to act on this issue. >> and still to come retailers being asked to clean up store shelfs and clear shelves of certain potentially toxic chemical autos and free ride could be soon over for san francisco's answer to cab shortage but will this drive ride sharing business and drive customers away? >> in sacramento a senate committee ok
just that. but only after the nation strengthens its policies on our border. senator john mccain addressed the issue at a committee hearing yesterday. >> how many people cross the border. how many people do we apprehend or turn back? that allows us to -- >> have you developed metrics or not? >> we have, sir. >> you have? >> yes, sir. >> you have? >> yes, sir. >> and we're using them? >> we are at the tactical and the strategic level trying to understand where it makes sense to capture them. >> i'm not asking if it makes sense. what can we have as a basis to determine the level of border security. >> well, one of the things we're doing -- >> are you sharing that with congress? >> we're just starting to, sir. >> you're starting to. >> yes. this has been an evolution. >> that's good to know. >>> and according to the nbc news/wall street journal poll, 54% of all believe it strengthens. the roll out of president obama's 10-year budget proposal got off to a rocky start after he was greeted with mixed reviews for republicans and progressive groups on the left. the plan calls for $300 bi
and a half years john mccain spent in captivity as a p.o.w. in hanoi. the group was marking the recent 40th anniversary of his release. as a combat pilot, he was shot down, landed in a lake in the central part of the city. he suffered grievous injuries, was tortured on top of that. his fellow senators today gave him their full attention. >>> when we come back here tonight the 8th grader taking the sports world by storm. history in the making tonight at the masters. >>> the masters golf tournament is under way at augusta national. no matter what the outcome they are about to add a new name to the record books. the youngest competitor to tee off at what is decidedly an old school event. his story tonight from nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: the sports world loves a prodigy. never mind the youngest player ever to compete in one of most's most prestigious events. guan tianlang is 14 years, five months old. he's from a city in china most people in this country have never heard of. today the teenager teed off in augusta, georgia, the masters. >> i think that's the dream of any golfer. >> repor
to bring the two parties together. and, in fact, there are a handful of republicans, john mccain seems to be among them, who have decided to vote in favor of this. there are also a couple of democrats from conservative states who have decided to vote against it. and a few in the middle who are undecided or unannounced. and that is why we don't know exactly how this vote may go. but it looks like it's very close, but iffy. this was supposed to be the one part of the gun-control measures that actually had a chance of passing, assault weapons and others up for vote today likely won't. it came after an impassioned plea from former congresswoman gabby giffords and husband, mark kelly, and one of the things that they said, meeting behind closed doors with democrats yesterday was, if you're from a conservative state, if you're up for re-election, and this is not looking good back home, we'll campaign for you if you support it. we'll find out what happens later today. richard? >> tracie potts, thank you so much. >>> scotland yard is on high alert as margaret thatcher is laid to rest. we'll go
purchased the hidden cameras disguised as smoke detectors. >>> republican senator john mccain and schumer met with president obama to outline a new bipartisan immigration reform bill. this legislation would give 11 million illegal immigrants in this country legal status if they could pass a background check. >>> let's get to topper because right now it's pretty nice out there, topp. >> it really is. our live michael & son weather cam, near the pentagon. lots of sunshine. temperatures still 72. our high was 7 4. winds right now out of the south at 11. they'll become easterly tomorrow as a cold front drops down from the north. these are monster thunderstorms in ohio. it covers much of western pennsylvania. some of this activity will get close to us late tonight. it will be much weaker. 73 reston. 73 in springfield. 73 college park. next three days, showers and storms possible each day. 73 tomorrow. mid-70s thursday. better chance of storms thursday and friday. upper 70s on friday. no day's a washout though. a saturday, very early, early morning shower but all your little league games will b
kirk from illinois and arizona's john mccain have indicate they'd could too. today, senator, praised, senator collins for early support. florida's marco rubio defends his on session to the bill. >> for her to take the courageous stand in the state of maine that has tremendous gun ownership like west virginia it will make my friend and colleagues both in the, on the democrat and republican side take a pause. >> they are highly ineffective. protect the right of law-abiding sit snz to possess weapons. >> gun control activists protested in fairfax. comes as a guns right group, citizens committee tort right to keep and bear arms, broke with the nra and endorsed background check measure. >> a deal on immigration reform could be announced on capitol hill this week. it's been compiled by a bipartisan group of senators. known as the gang of #. it its expected to include measures to increase border security and address undocumented immigrants who are living in the united states. the bill is expected to be formally announced tuesday. to the weather now. cloud moving in tonight after a sunny wee
and workplace issues affecting america's 11 million illegal immigrants. arizona senator john mccain now says the rollout of the bill will probably be put off until tomorrow. in the senate as well as the house observing a moment of silence for the bombing victims in boston. majority leader harry reid said the senate will provide every available federal resource to bring those responsible to justice and speaker of the house john boehner called it a terrible day for all americans and adding to the tensions on the korean peninsula this morning, a u.s. marine helicopter made a hard landing in south korea. the chopper went down as it was trying to land just south of the demilitarized zone. a u.s. military spokesman says 21 marines were onboard and six are hospitalized. there are more than 28,000 american troops stationed in south korea. >>> three teenagers are scheduled to appear in court today in california. they're accused of sexually assaulting a classmate who later killed herself when photos of the alleged attack circulated in school. >> reporter: larry pott stood with family members to share
officials to talk about talks between the two countries. >>> meanwhile, senator john mccain addressed the countries's policies towards north korea. they may be on the way to developing a nuclear missile capable of launch. >> i think it is probably more serious because of their increased capability. this has been going on for decades, cycle of confrontation, negotiation, aid, and the false hope that somehow the north koreans would give up their efforts to acquire nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. without that, north korea is totally irrelevant. i mean, both republican and democrat administrations have fallen prey to this. well, if we give them food, if we give them oil, if we give them money, if we do this, then they will come around, and they take our money and run. >>> if you watch any, any political shows yesterday, you likely saw senator marco rubio who appeared on seven different programs, including two spanish speaking stations. it was part of the florida republican's push for immigration rainstorm. he's part of a bipartisan group of senators that is set to unveil a
the uss john mccain, i know we sent two fighter jets over there and one missile defense system in guam. does that seem we are amped up, god forbid, in case something happens? >> yes. i think at the same time we made those military maneuvers, our response, our rhetoric, has been restraint. i mean, we say, look, don't cross this line. you've done enough of this heavy rhetoric. i think we are working closely with our south korean allies for the need for any joint response. the danger, though, sean, is some naval skirmish on the yellow sea, something that would cause us to get heavily involved. what you worry about in this situation is the first few hours there can be a lot of damage, a lot of human damage. >> we have 30,000 troops there. all right. so if, in fact, he attacks south korea, we will be involved in a military battle against the north, correct? >> yeah, by treaty we have to. i think what we need to do right now is go to china and say to china, look, this is your ally. you have been very, very weak in pushing them to do the right thing, which is to cool down. >> how do we -- >>
getting key conservative endorsements. cristina mutchler has the story. >> washington is saying that john mccain was a leading advocate for internet gun sales. >> republican senators are also supporting the by- partisan measure but there is still some conservative push back. alabama rep says that he does not think that it will pass and that courage, laws are not adequately enforced. and the republican from utah cannot get behind it, either. >> this is a compromise with targets for people that are mentally ill. >> try to make it more difficult for dangerous people for it them to obtain firearms which is already illegal for them. >> this could be possibility on a senate vote on possibly as early as wednesday. >> ofa beautiful view of the crescent moon. we have mostly clear skies and a very weak weather system. a dry weather system. a lot of precipitation. between 30 and 40 m.p.h.. fairfield, ocean beach. and s f o. those wind speeds will intensify for tomorrow afternoon. with a wind advisory in effect for tomorrow. tonight, look for the clouds to increase with midnight showers possible. the
on it when it comes to this issue. listen to john mccain on that issue. >> this is a vehicle that requires hearings and requires input and we welcome all of that. i am guardedly optimistic that we will see finally the end of this long, long trek that a lot of us have been on for many years. >> the long, long trek. isn't this something that both sides have gained for political results over the years and are they just backed into a corner now that they have to come up with something for a successful measure out of both parties because democrats have a lot to lose. democrats have a lot of gain. >> yes. that's true. democrats have a lot to lose. republicans a lot, a lot to gain. republicans i would say are more desperate for a deal here. it's more important for them. they are trying to reach out to the hispanic community for instance and they can't just let this thing go. it's interesting that marco rubio is poised in an interesting position in the republican party. he's sort of betwix. the republicans in the last election ran on self-deportation. they have had to make a 180 here. this issue i
republican senator john mccain feels the president is generally too reluctant to use the word terrorism. >> i always thought it was just utter foolishness not to use the word terrorist when we are talking about attacks that killed innocent civilians. >> by not immediately calling it terror, mr. obama recalled the two week long dispute after the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi whether it grew out protest of anti-islam film or planned as terrorist attack from the start. and his reference to terrorism less than a day after the boston attack may suggest a lesson learned like benghazi some of the president's aid referred to the boston attack as terrorism before he did. a senior administration official privately called it an act of terror shortly --er mr. obama smoke on spoke on monday. chuck hagel had no doubts. >> any event with multiple explosive devices as this appears to be is clearly an act of terror and will be approached as an act of terror. >> meanwhile, house speaker john boehner says calling it terrorism doesn't really explain it? >> we can describe it a lot of different
on the right republicans senator susan collins mark kirk, putt toomey and john mccain all voted for it. afterwards mccain showed no sympathy for his colleagues who had been cowed by the nr. >> i can't blame any interest group for votes. people who are responsible. drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: let's go behind the lines now and look inside republican senator michigan mcconnell's victory laugh over the background checks gun amendment failing. the simple idea of extending background checks to gun shows and internet purchases seemed so easy to do. but check out what his campaign posted on its facebook page last night. it's with captions asking h
personal friend of mine, john mccain. [applause] thank you, chuck, and thank l of y, and i nt obviously express my deep appreciation to all of my seven colleagues. that agull known in the senate get along with. but i must say they put up with my tantrums and they put up with a lot, and i want to say thank you to all of you for really doing something that america deserves. to paraphrase churchill, this is not the end of the process, but the end of the beginning. there is a long and difficult road ahead. committee hearings, markups, open amendments will be offered. some will be intended to improve it, some will be offered in hope of killing it. none of us expect the bill to be identical with the one we introduced today, but we are all united in our determination that this, at the end of the day, remains a fair, comprehensive, and practical solution to a difficult problem that most americans can support and that stands a good chance of passing the house and being signed into law by the president. the legislation is not perfect. there are provisions that most if not all senators can support
's expected too close to call. john mccain for one says a lot more needs to be done in the area of mental health. at this point only republican senators are expected to vote for the compromised bill. >>> it is 5:12 right now. coming up distracted driving. >> plus more people in distress off the california coastline, the emergency that forced them into a life raft. >>> you take about blame here, a look at the world's most expensive iphone and what it's made of after the break. you like that, liz. >> anything with berkeley. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the coast guard plucked four people out of th >>> welcome back. ll a her rowing rescue this weeken co4 people out of the ocean when the tug boat sank. they were pulling 13 miles when the boat began taking r. the cr life raft and the area being monitored to make sure no oil had to leak from the tug boat. >> probably a good day to stay off the bay today. it was really windy. >> i guess worse today. >> and i guess it's -- you've got a lot of wind out there too. >> not good for driving or hair, bad hair day if you're out there waking around. if you're he
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